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To Whom It May Concern,   
12:44pm 12/07/2006
mood: contemplative
I'm writing this now, [to those of you that actually read this] that I am done taking pictures with Formaldehyde. some things have popped up lately that I will not talk about, but it has brought an end to my wanting to help them at all. Its done, its over, no questions asked. And a thank you for those that read this.
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04:03pm 30/06/2006
mood: content
Well, the CD release show for the Sore EP was a success, I would think. I met a ton of new people, yus. I brought a small sum of 7 others with me to join the fun. The bands there were great. Last Action Heroes let us all use their set, and things went off with a smash. We heard songs about certain things that most people know about. *giggles* but hey, that's how it goes. But I was happy, I finally had the chance to headbang and mosh like I never have before because Formaldehyde was amazing. I let Courtney take pictures. She didn't do a half bad job. They're being uploaded at this moment that I'm typing this, but you can find them here!. The EPs were finished at my house the day before, and hell I sold 3 myself. They're only $5. And if you haven't bought one yet, you definately should. It sounds extremely great. And I'm not joking. But enjoy the pics, and don't forget to pick up your copy!
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08:58am 03/06/2006
mood: excited
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It's finally that time, Formaldehyde's Demo is FINALLY finished,and they're ready to rock it out with you and sell you some CDs =]. Read the flyer, grab your money and join us at Steel Music Hall to rock the fuck out with some killer bands and some good friends. Hope to see you there!
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07:56am 19/04/2006
mood: content
Yes! I'm back! bout damn time, kids. I do have a bit of an update for you. If you haven't found out, Formaldehyde has gone on a small hiatus, which is still going on at the moment, I think. For its not May 19th. But May 19th, there is a show at Steel Music Hall, time bands, people, cover, money, (same thing) all that fun stuff will be updated soon. And I'll have fliers, and and yeah! =] Then! June 15th there is also a show! In a new place for us. Ithaca at the Haunt. I'll have the update about all that stuff as that comes up, too. And for those of you that suck, and dont have Formaldehyde added on your MYspace, They're located here. Be sure to stop in because there's songs from the Sampler/Demo on there ;) A new one, too! Iris is up. and it sounds beautiful. And we also have some new F-hyde merch. Check out their actual site for details. and that's all for now, kiddies!
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w00t. pix. steel. joy.   
05:21pm 12/03/2006
mood: tired
Well, last night was the show at Steel. Fun was had, and pictures were taken. I dont have much to say, though. Not really sure why. but I do have pictures for you guys. This...is becoming terribly poetic... just...click on the damn picture.
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11:14am 02/03/2006
  Last night was the highschool battle of the bands at HCS. It was great to see you all there. Although Formaldehyde didn't win, I had fun at some points. But pictures are up, cuz I'm home today, so please, enjoy them. And enjoy the sight of Sam!click the picture to see the rest of them!
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we <3 Sam! lol   
09:30am 21/02/2006
mood: good
Well, last night was definately great. We had the first practice with Zam, the Zombie Man as the bassist. And for it being his first time picking one up basically, he played like a maniac. Things are looking good for the Battle Of The Bands on March 1st. Although Brian can't drum until then. I think we'll do pretty damn well. Not much in other news going on, but I do have pictures from the practice last night. So, have fun, enjoy those, and we now have pre-sale tickets for the show at Steel. Pick up one of those for $8 and you're effin' set to go, man. Hope to see you all either at the battle, or at Steel.
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07:11pm 15/02/2006
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News + a Show!   
07:13pm 14/02/2006
mood: good
Well guys, we have very, very sad news. We must announce that Jay has left the band. =[ So please say good bye to Jay, and wish her the best of luck, because we do. And please welcome in our newest member, Sam. The Zombie Man you all know and love <3.

But besides this news, we DO have a show coming up. We will have a flyer soon, but you'll live with an e-flyer for now ^_^. You better be there, though!!

Come join Formaldehyde

with their new bassist at Steel Music Hall on Saturday, March 11th! Join the winners of the Battle Of The Bands: Dead To You with bands like Bloodspent, The Council, Remember

Tomorrow and Burning 2 Entyce to rock out for the night. Be sure to bring your friends, your $5 (if you're over) or

$8(if you're under) to Steel @ 1509 Scottsville RD. in Rochester and rock the hell out with us! Doors at 8 p.m.!

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New Songs and Stuff!   
06:13am 23/01/2006
mood: excited
Woo Hoo! hey guys! After being amazing and doing all that recording, you can preview two songs on Formaldehyde's MYspace song player. You can find them here. And of course, if you haven't added Formaldehyde to your friends yet, you've gotta do that!But Inside Outside and Heartfelt Feeling are up now!! They do have yet to be mixed, but they sound amazing already! We also have something else for you to check out, Mandy has taken things into her own hands, and created a promotion "company". You also need to add that! Just click the banner.
But that's all that's new for now. The demo isn't finished yet, but they are planning on producing a sampler (or a pre-demo demo as I like to call it). so look forward for new updates on that! It should be around in February, not sure when, but it'll be out there soon. Just stay tuned for that, and other updates!
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Pix! Pix! Pix!   
06:00pm 09/01/2006
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Click The Pic For Pix

The show on the 8th was amazingly awesome. If you weren't there. You suck.
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New Icons! New Icons!!!   
03:41pm 05/01/2006
mood: amused
Yes, kids! We have new Formaldehyde icons for you! They came from the very amazing erinjanelle.I thank her times a bajillion. There is an AIM sized one, although, it is a tad too big. Mandy's been trying to fix it, so we'll see what happens! Also! Battle of the Bands is tomorrow at Water street, and if you're not going. You suck! Come support some of your favorite local bands! And also, our favorite drumming machine is ill! If you find bribodrummerfoo, tell him to get well soon!
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Local Bands, READ!   
05:31pm 03/01/2006
  "When did the local scene get so divided? Local bands need to support eachother, not compete with eachother. Battles of the Bands are just one instance. When we start promotion for a show, we plaster it everywhere. We don't have a huge following and if we don't promote the crap out of it we won't have much of a draw. But that leads to comments about shameless self promotion, and questions about where it is and isn't appropriate to promote. My question is... who cares? Every band in the world can promote on my page. Go for it. It's hard enough to promote, once other locals start shooting you down for it, it's just ridiculous. I say, let's stop the competition here and now. I've played at shows where a band will have all their people wait outside till they play, come in to watch them, then leave once their set is through. Kind of their way of saying "Hey club manager, look how many people WE can draw! Don't look at these other bands WE'RE the best!" My opinion is that's a little rude. I try and support my locals-- Even if we're not the best of friends, I know how hard it is, I'll say to any random person, "Hey, there's a local show this day, you should go" Whether I'm playing, or my best friends are playing, or whoever is playing. People get pissed off about having to open, people get pissed off about not being able to use their own drumset, people get pissed off about everything. Everybody wants to think they're better than everyone else. The truth is we're all on the same level. I don't care what kind of music you play or how old you are. We're all local high school bands, and that's the hardest kind of band to be in, you get screwed more than anyone else, getting stuck playing nothing but Sunday afternoon shows for 4 months straight, opening for bands you hate day after day, playing shows for no one but like 5 family members. Who hasn't been there? Or in my case, how about getting kicked off show after show. One show it'll be that there are some nationals coming through, so your show date gets moved. All that promotion you did was for nothing. Another show it'll be that the band setting it up doesn't want you. You're not as good as some other band they decided that they like better. So my opinion is, let's all support eachother. I would never knowingly shoot down another local band. When I set up shows, I book all kinds of random locals. I try to help a lot of bands get started. It'd be great to see some of the same consideration from others. Just because you win a battle of the bands or something doesn't make you better than everyone else. We're all on the same level. Sorry for ranting, I just wish everyone would support eachother a little more."
--Mandy from Formaldehyde
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Show! Show! Show!   
08:14pm 31/12/2005
mood: chipper
Its that time again, Crack Baby! Yes, its time for YOU to bring your zombie self and your zombified friends and greet Formaldehyde at Montage Live Music Hall on Sunday January 8th. Be at the doors at 4 p.m. $5 if you’re over 18, $8 if you’re under. Sorry, kids. Just be sure you’re ready to rock out, with other bands like Awake The Hero, Save Us, SilverWick, and all the way from Toledo, Ohio, Sound The Siren. You better be there!

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Long time no see!   
08:06pm 31/12/2005
mood: content
I've got a few updates for you guys, I kinda forgot about this journal. How sad is this? lol But on Wednesday, I went with Zach, Mandy, and Brian to Zach's Uncle's house to watch them do some recording. And of course to take some pictures. Zach and Mandy redid some of the bass tracks, because Jay couldn't make it, and then they redid some of the vocal tracks. Mandy was doing really well singing, probably because she wasn't sick for once! I think things went really really well, and really smoothly. They're going to continue the recording some time soon, and we're all hoping for an early spring release of the demo. Which will be grand when it happens. But I do have pictures for you guys of the recording process. You can find them here. Now in other news, we do have a new show coming up for you guys. I'll have that on another update. Rock on, guys!
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w00t w00t!!   
02:01pm 10/12/2005
mood: good
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06:18am 05/12/2005
mood: bummed
The show on Saturday December 17th has been cancelled. If you are so terribly bummed, be like the rest of the world and spend $40 to see FlyLeaf and Staind in Elmira... I'm sorry.
REASONING: The VFW is requesting $200 to rent the FREEZING ass pavilion. Proper heating would cost $75... plus like... $25 in kerosine. With those to fees I would have NO money to pay the bands for gas, performance and travel. And as mentioned above there is a Multi-Major Label (Staind, POD, Taproot and FlyLeaf) concert no more than 30 miles away that my show would not compete with. As much as I want the show to happen, I am trying to maintain a professional "good-show" booker and promoter... and I cannot risk a flunk show. Maybe I'm paranoid, maybe I'm smart... either way, I cant risk 15 disapointed bands and putting myself $500 in debt.

-- a Message from Brandon of inWard

I'm really sorry guys, I'm bummed about this, too :(
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11:09am 23/11/2005
mood: accomplished
The show at Montage was AMAZING. And if you weren't there, that's really disappointing. Even though Dead To You had to drop, the show was still good. And I really loved inWard. They were great, and I cant wait until December 17th to see them and Formaldehyde again. You know what that means, another show comin' up. But hey, enjoy the 200 some odd pictures I took ^_~

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More Formaldehyde Fun!   
09:41pm 28/10/2005
  hey Crack Babies, I've got more fun stuff for ya! First off, we now have an official flyer for the Montage show, I'll put it under a cut, because, yeah. But be sure to do something with it, hand it out, put it places for others to see, just do it. Cuz you know you love Formaldehyde. put it places online if you want, comment to get the actual link for it. But I also have more "is Love" bars for you guys, thanks to shazamgraphics Yeah, so dont be afraid to take those, either. Just save them to your own computer,so the photobucket doesn't kick the bucket =P yeah, I know, that wasn't funny. But, oh well. Enjoy!

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06:01pm 26/10/2005
mood: excited
Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! November 20th come join
Formaldehyde at
Montage Live Music Hall
4 - 8 P.M. Show your Formaldehyde spirit and bring your friends and your $5
to 50 Chestnut St. in Rochester! Also, dont forget about the 2 other bands playing!
Dead To You,
Red Letter Days and one more band TBA!
If you've got questions, shoot 'em to formaldehyde_music@hotmail.com, freaks!
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